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This cutting edge dating framework software enables you to start a dating site with the option to extend to dating website apps through APIs in whatever niche you'd like. Wonderful isn't it?

What do you call the most meticulously crafted, dating site script that is coupled with the cutting edge technology?

It's called a PERFECT MATCH

And Its what The Best Dating Script is made of.

php dating script

Just about anything related to dating site scripts

Built on a powerful API architecture, you can extend the dating site script and build on it using our Open API system to even create your own dating website apps.

  • PERFECTMATCH ™ Algorithm
  • Multi-language support
  • Geolocation based People search
  • Central User Spotlight
  • Robust Chat system
  • Comprehensive User settings
  • In chat Support for emoticons and Picture
  • Profile Bot System
  • In-built Analytics and Content Management System
  • Powerful User Management
  • PIXID™ Notification System
  • & many more features.

Check the Highlights below to know the list of features for Users, Sellers and Admin backend of this dating site script.

php dating script

Revenue Model on the datingframework, dating site script is fairly simple. We've added ways for you to monetize different aspects of the datingframework's functionalities. Here are a few:

  • Virtual Currency Credits
  • Credit Packages
  • Google adsense / Banner ads management
  • Premium SuperPower Upgrade
  • Featured Profiles
  • Credits Management
  • User Transaction History
  • Financial Managment System

php dating script

Solid Backend that Powers Under the Hood

The Best Dating Script that is Very Developer Friendly

The only best dating site script with both plugin & theme developer documentation and Mobile API documentation to build your own dating website apps.

  • Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework. DatingFramework Core and its Plugin and Theme system are built with Laravel 5.1, almost any PHP developer can easily customize DatingFramework for their requirements
  • Advanced UI Components like Chat & User Match Making have been built with Angular JS 1.4
  • Secure code that Protects malicious attacks
  • DatingFramework is the fastest Dating Software in the market. Its leveraging the power of PHP7 and intelligent caching system.
  • The chat is built with WebSocket system. This is a entire different app running inside DatingFramework. This makes DatingFramework's chat faster than competitors. Even in a basic server you can serve 10,000 online users per second.
  • DatingFramework is the most customizable, modern, advanced, customizable PHP Dating Software in the Industry
  • Unix based
  • Multi-language system makes this dating site script easy to translate.

php dating script

DatingFramework marketplace has a lot of modules and plugins that can extend your dating site script to truly become the next Dating Giant.

Some of the Plugins that are available are:

  • Gifts System
  • PaymentWall Integration
  • Fortumo Integration
  • SSH Installation Service
  • PAYU Payment Gateway
  • Virtual currency
  • Real Photo Verification
  • Instagram Integration
  • & Lot more!

If you want custom development of any feature to add to your datingframework application, we can do that for you - do contact us!

professional dating software

The following are the server requirements for this dating software:

  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension

Recommended Hosting companies -

  • Digital ocean - Link

Features that will make you fall in love.

Ever believed in love at first sight? Take a look at some of the features that will make you fall head over heels for it.

Fortumo Integration (Check Here)

Accept payments Via SMS & without the hassle of depending on payment gateways.

Photo Comments (Check Here)

Give your users the ability to comment on the photos with much ease.

Real Profile Photo Verification (Check Here)

Avoid People abusing your system with fake profile photos of unsuspecting users. Let people verify their photo

Image Watermark (Check Here)

Watermark user images and other photos on your site, so other sites don't scrape your site and misuse it.

Paymentwall Integration (Check Here)

Accept payments easily with the Paymentwall integration.

Video Chat (Check Here)

Let your users chat with Video Chat so the engagement is boosted. This also builds trust on your site. Just like Facebook

Gifts System (Check Here)

Gifting is a great habit, it can be intensly personal for your users to gift each other, Also it introduces a new stream of revenue

Private Photos (Check Here)

Let your users store private moments which will be only available to certain users they choose to share.

VKONTAKTE Integration (Check Here")

Let users with VKONTAKTE account login to your site, enable VKONTAKTE login.

Background Ads (Check Here

Run Background Ads on your site and control aspects of it, a good source of recurring revenue.

GMAIL user invite (Check Here

Expand your userbase by letting your users to invite their friends to join your network. More the people, the better.

User Moderation (Check Here)

Kick out trouble makers and fake profiles to maintain peace and harmony in your network.

Instagram Integration (Check Here)

Integrate Instagram to let users display their instagram profile on their profile.

Verotel Payment Gateway (Check Here)

Accept Payments via Verotel Payment gateway, you don't have to depend on Paypal or Stripe all the time.

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DatingFramework - Features

Responsive Admin panel

  • Control every aspect of your site features, Charts, User management, Email system, and view analytics etc.
  • You can also control the Ad Management from the Admin Panel.
  • Powerful & Seamless


  • Your users need more profile visitors so that they can get more people to chat to and also increase their popularity. Extend this to build your own dating website apps too.
  • Rising up in search is one way to do that. Imagine, there will be thousands of profiles in an area,
  • coming first in search is the only way to get noticed by everyone in that area!

Virtual Currency

  • To get spotlight or rise up in search, your user needs to buy credits from you.
  • Stay afloat with the additional revenue while your users feel the SuperPower with advanced functionalities.
  • Virtual Currency is a modern norm, there's no reason why you shouldn't have it.


  • The fastest chat engine among all the other dating scripts.
  • Chatting boosts user engagement and increases retention on the site.
  • DatingFramework boasts a robust chat system that works beautifully.

Automated User Retention Emails

  • Badoo & Twoo have more visitors from the emails they send.
  • We have analyzed that and crafted a user retention email system with these beautiful email templates.
  • The system will keep sending emails to not so active users and encourage them to visit your site.

A Dating Software that is Very Developer Friendly

  • The only dating software with both plugin & theme developer documentation and Mobile API documentation.
  • Well documented so you can customize and build dating website apps by yourself if you're a developer or hire a developer to customize
  • You can also let us know if you want to customize, we will be happy to do it for you.

Free Download!

  • Multi vendor system
  • - Life time license
  • - 100% source code
  • - All Addon's
  • - Life time upgrades

Note: Installation of this advanced script can be challenging.

  • - Life time license
  • - 100% source code
  • - All Addon's
  • - Life time upgrades

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I launched my Adult Dating website with DatingFramework. These guys were the only ones who had easy Anonymous payment gateway like Verotel.

Marc Says,

We launched a Gay Dating website with DatingFramework. They were very professional and knew how to work with enterprise level clarity. Right from signing NDA and contract signing for a major custom work till delivery, they showed great professionalism

Wenna Says,

DatingFramework Very Good. Nice Support. Chinese translation works perfectly.
  • 100% Source code & Updates

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    Round the clock Friendly support staff to assist you with installations and customizations through our ticketing system.

  • Customization

    We take up customization upon client's request. We will help you with tailor made solutions based on your website concept.

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